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Email marketing
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So, perhaps you’ve sent out a batch of emails to your customer base but the move hasn’t even resulted in one measly sale?

Let us tell you how best to target your customers, thanks to our brand new email marketing service. New to Sprout for 2015, we can design and build full HTML emails ready to send to your brimming mailing list.

We’ll start with the basics, determining your target market and the messages your customers like to receive, before working closely with you to ensure both the design, tone and format is in keeping with your company’s current in-house style.

In-depth Results Reporting

Once we’ve managed your campaigns, you’ll know just how successful your tailor-made email communications have proved, thanks to in-depth reporting we’ll produce on your behalf.

We pride ourselves on our ability to determine the right tone of voice and art work to ensure your email doesn’t end up in the trash folder, but instead remains in a potential customer’s inbox long after it’s been sent.

Our email marketing services at Sprout can boost your customer base – and sales – within a matter of weeks. Chat to us today about where to start and what we can do for you, too.

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