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First, let’s cut through the jargon. Basically (and for those not in the know), ‘data manipulation’ helps you trim down and sort out your mailing lists once and for all - and in as hassle-free way as possible.

When you’ve got a ‘To Do’ list that’s as long as your arm, it’s a task that can so easily fall by the wayside. But organising your data will ultimately help free you up in other ways.

We’ll help you find and remove duplicates from your mailing lists, because – as a customer – there are few things more frustrating than receiving the same piece of mail twice. What’s worse, is picking up the mail to spot a covering letter featured a misspelling of your name. It doesn’t have to go that way for you, though.

We’ll Make Marketing Your Company a Breeze

Working hard to clean up your data, we can also take on your mail sorting to ensure you can make the most of postage discounts, and we’ll collate multiple mailing lists to make sending your regular marketing messages a breeze.

If a customer’s moved house, we’ll let you know about it. Our in-house data man, Richard is our dedicated go-to guy for all-things data manipulation. He’s a one-man powerhouse who’ll stop at nothing to ensure your day-to-day data is gleamingly clean and easy to manage.

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